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Welcome Newbies!

I just wanted to say hello to the new followers. please feel free to comment or post any thoughts, ideas, wins etc. This is your website to ask questions or discuss to others how you are doing and how you have improved, maybe some tips too! Otherwise….
Good Luck to all!

How close are you…?

I get a lot of private emails and i am curious from the others if you can tell me publicly how well you are doing? are you getting close to the numbers? are you getting any numbers? are you winning any money?
tell me how it is going for you and maybe i can help out.
the main thing is to not think too much, just relax.

Just catching up!

hi All,

i love when you write me but would love more if you shared you comments and ideas with everyone. maybe you don’t want to give secrets away and i guess i understand that, but it looks like there is not traffic and there is plenty of it.  just want you to not be afraid to speak out loud even if its to say it is working or it stinks.  :o)

either way best of luck and thanks for all the great feed back!

The WinMaster!

PowerBall PowerPlay

Est. Annuity $40,000,000
Est. Cash $26,700,000

Its not hundreds of millions, but I could live with it! Best of luck tonight! 
Thank you to Present “WINS” for all to see!
The WinMaster!


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