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Hello! Back again

hi All
I was out of town in Vegas on 2 separate trips, one was to see the Lecturers at the AREA 51 Museum just off the strip.
Col.  John Alexander PHD was there, though John was not directly working with the Remote Viewers but off working with PK and Near Death issues, he was one of the men “all knowing” of  Project Stargate and its players. It was THAT project and the teachings from those men and woman from classes I took that inspired me  to write this book.
WIN ANY LOTTERY! is going well and getting more and more people signing up for the site. I want to welcome those of you that are new. If you ever want to post a comment, a secret, pictures, questions, some advice or suggestions please do. it seems this is a quiet group and i get a lot of private email, I prefer we speak out loud so we can all learn from each other and get closer to the jackpot! your choice, either way Best of luck!!!


PowerBall PowerPlay

Est. Annuity $253,000,000
Est. Cash $170,500,000

The PowerBall JackPot is at a fantastic amount! If anyone Wins by using this method i sure hope you let me know! I am under the weather and had to ask a friend to bring a quick pick for me, its way too big to miss out on it. 

Best of luck Everyone!!


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Here are a few Pickers to choose from.  You can go crazy or you can be simple.

Use things around the house

Use Necklaces, Pendants, whatever floats your boat that can swing

Find a favorite stone, add a string

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