PB 4/28/2012 (in book)


Figure 5: Winning numbers in order drawn by lottery: 57 40 58 31 39   PB 33 



   My picks           Winning picks

13                              31

14                              33

31                             39

50                              40

57                             57

59                              58


My picks         Winning picks

13                              31

14                              33

31                              39

50                              40

57                              57

 59                            58

Check this out. In Figure 5 I picked 2 winning numbers, 57 and 31! At this point I am not as concerned about them being in order or the correct position, I just want winning numbers. In doing so I need to praise my subconscious and thank it for doing such a good job!!! It really is working with me and we are starting to know each other’s working habits. I have 2 winning numbers 57 and 31, and many other CLOSE numbers. Take a look at my 59; a winning number is 58-I was one off!!! I did ask straight out for the Powerball number, I picked 31 and it was 33, which is 2 numbers off. It is a fine line to ask the right question without too many details. The more you do this the more you see it can be done. You are learning a new language, with a new buddy and you need to be patient.

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