PB 4/25/2012 (in book)


Figure 3: Winning numbers in order drawn by lottery: 29 43 25 4 34   PB 29 


   My picks           Winning picks

                                                                                                                            11………………… 4

*25……………….. 25*

28……………….. 29

35…………………. 34

 Figure 3. I did it again, 6 swings of my Picker took me to the winning number 25! It was the first number I went for. It makes me wonder if I am best at picking a winning number at the start and then as I move through I may get worse. Maybe I should ask for a number and after getting one, go do something else and then come back to it and ask for the next number.  Maybe it is too much too quick for my sub, or for me. It’s noted. I do see that I picked a 28 and there was a winning number of 29, and I see that I picked a 35 and there was a winning number of 34. That is one off twice of two winning numbers, that is great! Being one off will drive you crazy, because you were RIGHT THERE! The number was in front of you and you missed it, not your sub-you did. It is aggravating to know there could’ve been 3 winning numbers on this ticket. In these cases be sure to credit your subconscious, and blame yourself.  Your sub did its best to get you there, and just about did. This is a process. The better communication you have with your sub the closer you get to the winning number. If one move is misinterpreted, you will lose. Take notice and talk with your subconscious more. There will be less confusion and fewer mistakes.

What do you like best about what you are seeing...?