MM 5/8/2012


Winning numbers in order drawn by lottery: 2 6 8 51 18    MB 19






 With this session, I see I picked a 3 and there was a winning number of 2, and I see that the other numbers were on their way to those numbers. Again if you are using this method you know what I mean, if you are just reading this then you have no clue what I mean. If you go the wrong way on the first asking, that sheet will take you to larger or smaller numbers and it goes like that for all the askings. To even be within the same first half of 0-29 or the second half of 30-60 tells you that you did get at least one of the askings correct. Now I need to start noticing if I am better at this in the morning, afternoon, evening, with a full belly, after a workout etc. This can work!


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