MM 4/27/2012 (in Book)

Figure 4: Winning numbers in order drawn by lottery: 5 47 2 46 45   MB 3



   My picks           Winning picks

11                              2

19                              5

42                              37

43                              45

46                            46

54                              47


My picks         Winning picks

11                              2

19                              5

42                             37

43                             45

46                            46

54                           47

Figure 4. I got another one!!!! And this session was another one to learn from. You can see that my Picker took me to several numbers in the 40s, of which 3 were winning numbers, 45, 46, and 47. I was very CLOSE to picking them; I picked 42, 43 and 46. Now, 46 was a winning number! It was not in the series of white balls, it was in the colored MegaBall, however, in our method it is still a winning number!!  Next session I need to be more specific in order to get the winning number in the correct position, I will change my language again to something more like this, “Take me to the 4th winning ball in the first series of 5 winning white ball numbers or another winning number in the series of white balls that I do not have yet”. I will make sure I ask for the white ball numbers, which would exclude the colored MegaBall. Again, another adjustment that can make all the difference in the world to get that jackpot! Be sure to make it a practice to go over your numbers as I just did. It will show your progress, you can make the minor adjustments, and most likely keep you in the ballgame.


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