MM 4/24/2012 WINNER! (from book)


 Winning numbers in order drawn by lottery:  38 15 3 9 37    MB 39


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I couldn’t find my winning ticket to include it but here is my session in Figure 2 and my receipt of cash! I had no idea at the time that I was going to write this book. The Figure 2 session was interesting; it was my second one using this method. I started out by asking for the MegaBall number first. I made it clear that was the first number I wanted to be taken to, I said it out loud and it did take me there! I got the MegaBall number exactly! Is that coincidence? NO WAY. Maybe a Quick Pick is coincidental, but not when you go through 6 correct consecutive swings asking a specific question with a pendulum that slowly guides you to get you to what is drawn as a winning number ta later time. There is more to this than we really know. I also need to state that I remember feeling very confident as I moved my Picker to this number. There was no confusion, no “iffyness”, it just took me right to the number. I matched only one winning number in this session however, it was the best one to match being the MegaBall, which means winning money! And because I played the MegaPlier, which was 4, that added up to an $8 dollar win! so there ya go, second time around and I won money!! Not a bad start with this method, eh?

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  1. Steve says:

    I am finding out, the less i think about it the closer i get to the right number. I like this method, it seems to be better than guessing. this is somewhat more than that. I did pick 3 numbers last week but i did not buy a ticket. i will try again with this weeks Powerball.

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