MM 3/30/2012 (from Book)


Winning numbers in order drawn by lottery:  46 23 38 4 2    MB 2



   My picks           Winning picks

2                      2

5                                 4

10                              23

18                              23

48                              38

54                              46


My picks         Winning picks

2                                 2

5                      4

10                              23

18                   23

48                             38

 54                        46

Figure 1 my first attempt with this method. In this session I asked for a few of the numbers in order. If you compare what I wrote on my notepad to the winning numbers, you will see that the order the actual lottery came down was not off that much. The first number I picked was 48. The first ball in order that dropped was 46. That is only 2 numbers off; I was THAT close to a winning number!! The second number I “picked” was 18, the actual second number drawn was 23, again it was 5 numbers off of the winning number and THAT, using this method is, close! Now if you are reading ahead without doing the work yet, this will not make sense. But if you have started doing this you will see that I was THAT close to picking a winning number! When I got to the 3rd number in my session, I did not ask for the numbers to be in order, I just asked for “a winning number in tonight’s Mega Millions drawing in the series of white balls”. Glad I did, my Picker took me to the number 2. When the numbers were drawn in the lottery that night, there was a 2!! I got a winning number! I got the 2! Nice!   It is important to know, the communication is just getting started with my subconscious and using my tool. There will be breakdowns in communication, but in time, it will improve. Notice I picked the number 5, and there was a winning number 4. I was one number off of yet another winning number.  Notice too that I picked 48 and a winning number was 46, which calculates to being 2 numbers off of picking a winning number. Again VERY close! It does not matter that it was not in the right position, it matters that we got that close to a winning number. Soon we will get winning numbers and correct positions. We are currently in a situation with our subconscious that is similar to teaching a toddler poker. Though I missed the rest of the numbers, you can see that I went in the right direction of the winning number from the first numbered sheet. I simply lost communication along the way. Again, the better communication you have with your subconscious the closer you get to the number. On the other hand my Quick Pick also got a winning number; but that is coincidence. It took me 6 different correct swings of my Picker with me asking specific questions for the outcome of a winning number. 6 swings for a correct answer do not make for coincidence in my book. I WAS LED TO A WINNING NUMBER-THAT IS COOL! I was very happy with this first outcome.


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