PB 6/30/2012


 Winning Numbers:   20,07, 15,  41, 44      PB 22

I Picked:   15 13 4 25 24 22   PB 7

I had picked 15 twice in my session, I knew it was correct. it happens occasionally, and i like when it does, it feels like a confirmation.

 mine             lotto

    7                    7

  15                   15

24,25             20,22  —-   ugh, close

                    I felt like I needed to do it again, it felt like my sub was telling me I was not on the mark. i waited a few hours and picked my numbers again and got this:

 13   o2  06  58 09     PB 23

close calls:

 mine             lotto

 6,9                     7

 13                    15

23                   20,22

what bugged me the most was being one off the PB. i felt i needed to do that one again for that reason alone. I knew the 15 was right after picking it twice when asking for the “white balls” in the earlier session and it seems my first “picked” ball is usually right which was 7 in my first session. i had started with PB so i should’ve already marked in the 7  and the too, but i did not. looking back is 20/20 and makes me realize i need to listen every step of the way. you can see where i was being lead to these winning numbers, 7, 15, 22 o this session.  your sub talks thru your picker but its your “intuition’ too,  listen unlike i did even outside the Picker. however, the communications was occurring, I must give thanks to the small voice  and do better the next time. this is a process and  I learned.

Listening more closely would’ve given me 3 numbers, half way there!


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  1. Rick says:

    I understand the method after doing it, its simple. Your right its a conversation between ourselves. I trust my gut-it pays off. you are telling us to do it here. The risk is a dollar or so, not bad odds for possible millions. want to know more about Buchanan and the others you thanked for this insight and I do want to thank you. Not sure I want to tell others about this way, kinda want to win it on my own :)

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